Man Filling Out Form on Table

Guest Author: Sarah Ford, Employment Partner and Diversity Committee Chair   

Given increasing federal attention to the issues of immigration and authorization to work, let’s do a quick “check in” on your new hire procedures.

  1. A new version of the Form I-9 became mandatory on January 22, 2017. You already know that you must begin the Form I-9 process with each new employee no later than his/her start date. But how do you know whether you are using the correct version? It’s easy. The new version says “Form I-9 11/14/2016 N” in the lower left-hand corner. Moving forward, you should use this new version for every new hire. The “N” signifies that older versions of the form, e.g. the 03/08/13 version, are no longer acceptable.  
  2. What if you need to re-verify the employment authorization of an employee whose original Form I-9 is one of the older versions? Can you still use the Section 3 Reverification section of the employee’s original form? The answer is no. For any reverifications that are taking place after January 22, 2017, use the new Form I-9. Don’t discard the original form, of course! Just keep both the old form and the new form together in your I-9 binder.   Continue Reading